Lightweight PORTA-DAVIT

The PORTA-DAVIT is a simple structure comprising
two main pieces that assemble with ease.

First place the base of the davit, which has a male
spigot, into the socket and then insert the top half
of the davit on to the lower assembly.

The final stage is to attach the strap that supports
the arm of the davit at one of the three radius
adjustment positions. The unit is then ready to be used. 

Available versions of the PORTA-DAVIT: The Davit is available
in several different variations to the standard davit that we provide.

It is possible to get a davit in a winched version, extended radius 1500 mm (max WLL 350kg), and man ride applications (EN795 Class B Compliant).

Benefits of the PORTA-DAVIT:

• High tensile alloy compared with steel
• Rapid Assembly- 2 piece design
• Portable- 24kg assembled
• Store and transport in one heavy duty bag 
• Radius adjustment (800-1200mm as standard)

Safety and in use features:

• Internal Bearing System - 360° rotation under finger tip control
• Suitable for clean environments
• Corrosion resistant (power coated) and in return low maintenance
• Manual handling compliance without mechanical aids
• CE approved



Bridge Mount Socket

This socket is designed for use in bridges, walkways or structural steel work and can be used in conjunction with open-mesh grilled floor.  

 Flush Mount Socket with Re-bars

This socket is cast in with fresh concrete to create a flush surface.

This socket comes with a cover plate that is attached by a chain link for easy use. Cover plates can be bolted down if requested
 Flush Mount Socket Resin Bond

This socket is for use in existing concrete. The surface needs to be 'cored out' and socket resin-bonded to sit flush.

It comes with a cover plate attached by a chain link. Cover plates can be bolted down if requested.
 Top Mount Socket

This socket is suitable for bolting onto existing concrete or steel frames and is
supplied with a cover plate.

Reid Lifting can provide the anchor system that is needed to secure the socket if required.

Side Mount Socket

This socket is designed to be used on the side of walls/plinths and can enable 360° davit rotation.

Reid can provide the anchor system if required.


These sockets have been designed, developed and tested for safe use with Reid's equipment.

All Sockets have a WLL of 500KG All sockets are supplied in Galvanised Mild Steel or Stainless Steel (316L grade, passivated) Sockets can be powder coated upon request. e.g. Yellow for trip hazard warning.

We can not be held responsible for the safe operation of our products should non standard third party components be used. If this is the case we strongly recommend that the total configuration is retested and WLL certificated as a complete unit. 

If the location already has a socket installed and you do not wish to replace it with one of our sockets, we can make to order a socket sleeve that will fit, with appropriate tolerances, both the socket and davit king pin. The sleeves are manufactured in either aluminium or nylon versions.

Socket Extension to reach over obstacles

Socket Extensions are just what you need to get the height on your davit to give additional height of lift or to reach over obstacles. With standard sizes that will make it possible to reach over safety rails and protective wall. They are very easy to use with handles for lifting/carrying and made with lightweight aluminium alloy. It is as simple as inserting the socket extension into a socket and then assemble the PORTA-DAVIT as normal on top of the socket extension. In some circumstances the socket extension and davit are assembled first and then lifted into the socket.

Available versions of the Socket Extensions The socket extensions come in three different sizes (500mm, 800mm, 1100mm

ant to know more?

 PORTA-BASE for the use of the Reid PORTA-DAVIT

Making it Possible to use your Davit sockets for multiple applications

The PORTA-BASE is one of the most convenient sockets that we provide for the PORTA-DAVIT.

This is because it can be taken to each site and utilised rather then having a fixed socket installed at each and every lifting point. This will reduce costs for individual sockets and eliminates installation and testing costs for the socket. 

The PORTA-BASE/ PORTA-DAVIT combination is designed to provide a WLL 500kg at a max 1000mm radius. The PORTA-BASE has adjustable feet to help setting the legs on the horizontal for uneven surfaces.

The protective system applied to the base is anodised legs and yellow powder coat paint to the socket and tie bars.

Available Versions:

The PORTA-BASE currently has three different configurations of 90°, 180° and 360° with up to 1000mm radius.

It is very easy to use and fits into two heavy duty carry bags that weigh 28kg and 10kg. 

Benefits of the PORTA-BASE Lightweight and Portable Rapid Assembly Ability to pack in heavy duty bags High Utilisation No Installation Costs


The PORTA-BASE 270° Counter-Balance is a lightweight & portable socket foundation for the PORTA-DAVIT with 270° operation and rated WLL 120kg for man-ride and rated WLL 250kg for goods lifting.

The legs are adjustable for levelling and have a spirit level fitted to each leg. The system is complete with baskets attached to the legs of the PORTA-BASE to utilise 16 off, 20kg hand weights.

The unit is supplied complete in two heavy duty canvas bags for transportation, of weight 28kg and 15kg, and 2 weight baskets of 40kg each.  Safety and Usage Features Suitable for clean environments Adjustable Feet Corrosion resistant (anodized and powered coated) and in return lower maintenance Manual handling compliance without mechanical aids CE approved

This new innovation allows the use of our PORTA-DAVIT range in situations not normally possible where there is infrequent use and no sockets are installed. It also allows for "building overhang" applications where sockets are not available or possible.


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