PROSYSTEM®   Lightweight Crane System - The Erikkla Single and Double Girder Crane Patented trolley is nearly silent – quality for the quality working environment.  Suitable for a wide range of applications and easily modified – economical and efficient. Impact resistant powder coating – no need for patch painting.  Rolling resistance only approx. 1 % of the moved load – ergonomic. Standardised kit construction – minimal planning. Overload protection - the safest light crane system.

A complete light crane system for industrial use

Ergonome design - Easy to use

Improve productivity

Easy to install and customize

Excellent quality at a competitive price

Overload indicator - The safest ever light crane system


Quotation and Layout drawing provided

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PROSYSTEM® helps you to increase assembly, production and maintenance efficiency. Based on a
steel profile construction, it takes loads up to 2000 kg.
The aluminium version can take loads up to 250 kg.


A system with one curve can be equipped with
flat cable electrical equipment. A system with
more than one curve is equipped with conductor
rail electrical equipment.

Hoist track 

PROSYSTEM® hoist track is a convenient way to solve local lifting and transportation problems. It is a versatile solution to enhance productivity and safety in any production place. As the hoist track is functional and effi cient it can be reconfi gured to adapt to changing conditions.

PROSYSTEM® hoist track is designed for easy assembly. Custom parts can be also supplied to suit individual requirements.

Curves may be used with hoist tracks made of profile types 125 and 200 for loads max. 1200 kg. Curves are available as 15-, 30-, and 45-degree curves which can be freely connected with each other. Curves are connected with each other with standard joint connections and are suspended to roof constructions with standard suspensions.

One  and Two girder cranes

  • Quality for the working environment
  • Economical
  • Fast to install
  • No need for patch painting
  • Efficient
  • No need for planning

An overhead light crane system is the best solution for workstation lifting tasks due to its extensive coverage and user friendliness. Swinging of the load is minimized because the trolley centralizes itself automatically to the right lifting position. By choosing an overhead light crane solution a significant amount of extra performance can be achieved, for example, in assembly, production and maintenance work.

Combinations of different profiles are available to suit individual lifting requirements. In a double girder crane the hoist is suspended from a hoist saddle located between the bridge profi les. With this configuration the lifting height is greater than the height achieved with a single girder crane.

Also the load capacity is doubled.
In some cases the raised single or double girder crane, in which the bridge profiles are raised up between the tracks, is the right choice especially when the lifting height has to be maximised. Standard bridge profiles are delivered in full metres between 1 and 8 metres



Raised Bridge


The bridge construction where the bridge profiles are raised between the track profi les increases the lifting height. Also the raised light crane system can be suspended from both existing ceiling construction or from freestanding support frame

One and two girder crane
Raised Bridge

PROSYSTEM® raised single and double girder cranes are designed specially for buildings with limited headroom where standard construction could not provide the lifting height needed. 

Track Switches

Switches may be used with hoist tracks of profile type 200 to connect two systems. Switch is suitable for loading max. 1200 kg. Switch is delivered hand operated as standard but it is also availabele as pneumatic or electric functioning

A system including a switch is recommended to be equipped with conductor rail electrical equipment.

Switch is suspended to roof constructions with standard suspensions. Delivery as assembled.



Track Turn table

Turn table can be used with hoist tracks of profile type 200 to connect several systems together. Turn table is suitable for loads up to 1200 kg. Turn table is delivered pneumatic operated as standard but it is also available as electric operated. A system including a turn table is recommended to be equipped with a conductor rails electrical feeding. Turn table is suspended to roof constructions with standard suspensions. Delivered assembled.

Track lock

Movement of a load from one bridge crane system to a hoist track is possible with a track lock. The hoist trolley may pass the track lock only as the track lock is connected. Track lock is hand operated and is recommended to be equipped with conductor rail electrical equipment.


Telescopic crane

Telescopic cranes can be used to widen the working area of a crane for loads max. 250 kg with profile type 200 single girder cranes. The max. overhang from the end of the bridge is 1000 mm


Light Crane System suspensions

PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System includes eight different types of articulating standard suspensions to mount the crane to the roof construction. The articulation ensures for its part the light and ergonomic usage of the system.


Light Crane System electrical equipment

PROSYSTEM® Light Crane Systemis delivered with high quality flat cable electrical equipment including flatcable and flat cable trolleys as standard. As an option the system can be delivered with either enclosed or open conductor bar outside the profile.

Hoist tracks and bridge cranes of profile types 200 and 260 can also be equipped with electrical movements. Electrical movements can be conrolled with pendant control, remote control or with a combination of these.

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