Niko from HELM Hellas S.A. who are a leading European manufacturer. 

Niko specialise in the supply of lightweight track systems. This includes the crane structures and festoon cable systems.

Niko also supply overhead conveyor systems for every application from the car industry, paint spraying, powder coating, TV hoist suspension equipment, right down to small manufacturing companies requiring lifts of 10 KGs or more.

The NIKO sytem consists of standard components that cna be assembled to achieve bespoke designs. Also the system can be easily modified and expanded by adding more bridges and extending the crane length. Simple installation. Easy and free running in operation. The NIKO system requires 1/3 of the effort to operate compared with traditional I-Beam cranes. As a result, productivity of the workforce increases particularly in repetitive handling processes. Accurate load positioning is achieved with the enclosed track design whose tapered sides ensure the correct guidance of the trolleys. This reduces the probability of damaging the load during the handling process.
NIKO Light Crane System - provides a cost effective and versatile solution to conventional
overhead crane systems particularly when there is a height and space restriction. The crane is suitable
for loads from 5 to 1000 kg and can be either manual or electric travel. 


The NIKO Light Crane is produced from zinc plated components for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Light Crane being of robust construction requires little or no maintenance. After two months of installation we recommend the checking of the bottled joints and every twelve months thereafter.


Ceiling Mounted Cranes



Ceiling mounted light cranes are particularly useful in cases where the work floor space is limited. Since the cranes are directly mounted on the ceiling and no supporting columns are necessary the working floors are kept clean for other operations. However, it requires an adequate ceiling structure.

 Stand Alone Cranes 
 Stand alone light cranes are preferred in applications where the structural support of the roof is not sufficient for the suspension an overhead ceiling mounted crane. It can be comprised of standard components that can be disassembled and relocated if needed.

Finally it can work as a secondary crane without blocking an existing heavy duty overhead crane.

Overhead Conveyors and Monorails 


The NIKO Overhead Conveyors and Monorails system gives an economic and flexible solution for loads of 5kg to 1000kg. The manual operation of our conveyor and monorail systems can also be combined with an electric lifting-lowering winch. There is also the possibility of electrification with the use of chain linking trolleys


Standard Components

  • Standard Components easily adaptable to your own requirements
  • Simple to design and install
  • Economical
  • Wide range of conveyor track profiles
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Very free running in operation
  • Accurate and Repeatable load positioning .

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